Poor Man's Anthem

Poor Man's Anthem:
In 2007, with the departure of co-founder Tony DiSorbo (drums), line up changes were made. Bob Lavoy made quite an impact from the start. “Poor Man’s Anthem” is a harder hitting, more cohesive form of the original design. “Break-Down”, “No Compromise” and “Never Lay Down and Die” show the driving beats and flowing guitars that has evolved from the new line up. Title track, “Poor Man’s Anthem”, describes the present day struggle for the common man, as we all can relate to. The whole album embodies this view of making end’s meet, hardship of the middle class…it’s truly a Poor Man’s Anthem.

1. Break-Down
2. Speak My Name
3. No Compromise
4. One More Day
5. Hazing
6. Crossed the Line
7. For You
8. Never Lay Down and Die
9. Bring It On, Again
10. Way Too Long
11.Poor Man's Anthem

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The Struggle

The Struggle:
4 guys from Schenectady NY+instruments+desire to make music=Dead-Lift.


1. Tainted Mind
2. Left Behind
3. Respect Me Now
4. Smalbany
5. Misery
6. Bring It On
7. Just Like You
8. Americo's Melody (Rickey's Song)
9. My Sunday
10. Whack-Job
11. The Gnashing of Teeth
12. M.F.L.

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